About Us

Who We Are

Reciprocity Research Inc. is a social enterprise based in Victoria, BC.

Reciprocity was founded in Summer 2019 by Craig Candler (PhD), a second-generation Canadian born on the prairies in Treaty six country and now settled on the west coast. Craig is a dad, a home and business owner, and a community-based researcher and cultural anthropologist. He helped found the Firelight Group and has worked for more than 25 years with and for Indigenous communities across what is now Western Canada.

Reciprocity is a two-way relationship that connects home and business owners with Indigenous governments. We aim to provide a simple, direct and friendly way for home and business owners to meaningfully recognize Indigenous rights where we live and work, and to acknowledge Indigenous communities, lands and waters that enrich and inspire us. Through Reciprocity, we also continue our decades of effort providing Indigenous governments in Western Canada and beyond with high-quality community-based social and ecological science, impact assessment and restoration that focusses on what matters most to communities.

It’s through working with Indigenous communities that we learnt the importance of reciprocity. It’s based on that work that we hope Reciprocity will provide new ways to recognize our relationships as home owners, business owners, and relative newcomers, on Indigenous land.

We all sit down at the table with colonialism every day, whether we recognize it or not. We know that reciprocity is at the heart of historic treaties and relationships that we are all part of. We know that our colonial past has had too little reciprocity, and our colonial present needs a lot more.

We want to decolonize our backyards, and our futures, together.

As home owners and business owners, we are privileged to live, work and own property on Indigenous lands. After 150+ years, we think it’s time to start decolonizing our backyards.

Reciprocity is looking towards certification as a B Corporation.


1. the practice of building relationships through exchanging things of value over time for mutual benefit; latin root: moving back and forth.

Our Vision

Reciprocity makes territorial recognition real and does useful things to support the visions of Indigenous Nations. We create simple, direct, and friendly ways to decolonize the culture of home, and change what it means to own property and do business on Indigenous land.

Our work returns wealth to Indigenous Nations, property owners and business owners by recognizing reciprocal relationships that create ecological, economic and cultural value. The vast majority of every reciprocity dollar goes directly to Indigenous Nations to support Indigenous-driven goals.

We use our own revenue to support and grow our quiet revolution, make Indigenous land and language more visible, and provide a reliable return to our partners and shareholders so that Reciprocity keeps going.

We are committed to being a successful and sustainable social enterprise, and to sharing our ownership and success.

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