Thank you, David Suzuki Foundation

Thank you to our friends at the @David Suzuki Foundation for contributing so meaningfully to the challenging conversations surrounding Indigenous rights and equity. We love this explainer video series about the Land Back movement, so much of which really gets to the root of why we are building Reciprocity Trusts.
Land Back is “about the decision-making power. It’s about self-determination for our Peoples here that should include some access to the territories and resources in a more equitable fashion, and for us to have control over how that actually looks,” explains journalist and Canada Council for the Arts chair Jesse Wente.
As the David Suzuki Foundation suggests, lift the burden of education off the shoulders of your Indigenous friends and colleagues. Make sure you watch and share these videos and resources on land governance in Canada:
Thank you, David Suzuki Foundation2021-07-26T13:28:23-07:00