Reciprocity for Indigenous Nations

What would it look like if…

thousands of households and small businesses started recognizing Indigenous land and Indigenous rights by saying thank you for where they live and work in a meaningful way?

Recognizing Land and Returning Wealth

Reciprocity helps Indigenous Nations connect with property owners and small businesses who recognize that they live and work on, and benefit from, Indigenous land.

We want to show tangible proof that many landowners and small businesses choose to recognize Indigenous rights. Reciprocity is an opportunity for property owners to start saying thank you and directly recognize the Indigenous Nations in their area by returning a little wealth every year and taking on other work to support Indigenous cultural and ecological restoration. Beyond individual back yards, reciprocity creates a direct and ongoing Indigenous own-source revenue stream that is independent of federal or provincial governments and will increase over time as land values increase.

Homeowners, renters, businesses, and others will soon be able to be part of Reciprocity and make voluntary annual or monthly payments directly to the Indigenous Nations whose lands they live and work on. To learn more about Reciprocity, please visit our dedicated site at

  • For landowners, annual Reciprocity Payments are based on a percentage of what’s paid each year for property tax.
  • For businesses, Reciprocity is based on the Pledge 1% model, with companies dedicating 1% of equity, 1% of time or product, and 1% of profit to help support Indigenous governments where they are based.
  • Renters can be part of reciprocity by contributing 1% of monthly rent (and encouraging their landlords to take part as well).

With Reciprocity, Indigenous Nations who are most impacted by land privatization and alienation (especially in urban and recreational areas) receive the greatest benefit and the largest return of wealth, as well as a corresponding ability to enhance long-standing Indigenous traditions of generosity that recognize neighbours and relations.

How Will Reciprocity Work for Indigenous Nations?

We Make a Plan

We’ll work together to confirm if Reciprocity makes sense for your area – regional population and local relationships are big factors. If it makes sense, we’ll make a plan for how Reciprocity Payments will be received by your Nation, and outline your Nation’s goals for how funds will be used (e.g., language, land, or nation re-building) and managed. This is usually through a joint trust that shares benefits between your Nation and other Indigenous Nations in your area.

We Establish a Reciprocity Agreement

A Reciprocity agreement clarifies how funds will be received, managed and distributed over time. It can be reviewed and updated each year. Reciprocity helps track progress based on directions set by the Indigenous governments involved. We also track reciprocity properties and businesses, and coordinate annual reporting to show the difference Reciprocity makes.

We Build a Reciprocity Community

It’s a big job to change the culture of home and the way we think about property ownership on Indigenous land. Reciprocity works with Indigenous Nations, home owners and business owners to build awareness, community, and participation in person, and using web and other media. We want to see reciprocity, and Indigenous language, land and nation-building more visible and more a part of celebrating connections in every community.

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Is your Nation interested in seeing Reciprocity in your area? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your name and where you are from then click on the button below. We’ll get back to you soon.